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Bible Study Questions for January 27th, 2018

Saturday at 10:00am EST


“Mrs. Eddy cautions her students not to fall into the habit of spiritualizing everything in the Bible. It has its historical features and these must be considered as historical only. If we attempt to spiritualize its history we shall confuse its meaning and lessons. The Children of Israel walked through the Red Sea. This is as much a matter of fact as that we were seated in that class room. Adam and Eve were no less real to sense than are we. The history in the Bible must be ac­cepted as literally as any other history.”

From Miscellaneous Documents by Gilbert Carpenter, page 90


Topic: The Remnant

Moderator: Jeremy from NJ

Bible Readings: I Kings 16: 31-33; I Kings 17: 1; I Kings 18: 17-19, 22-24, 38-40; I Kings 19: 1-3, 4, 9, 11-15, 18


  1. Who was Elijah? What led him into hiding?
  2. What lesson was God imparting on Elijah as he stood “upon the mount before the Lord”?
  3. Why did Elijah feel he was the last godly man left alive? (I Kings 19: 14)
  4. How is story relevant to our lives now?

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