Bible Study Questions for June 16th, 2018

Saturday at 10:00am EDT

“It must not be forgotten that in times past, arrogant ignorance and pride, in attempting to steady the ark of Truth, have dimmed the power and glory of the Scriptures, to which this Christian Science textbook is the Key.”

From Retrospection and Introspection by Mary Baker Eddy, page 84: 15-18

“…God, good, has all  power.”

from Miscellaneous Writings by Mary Baker Eddy, page 31: 15

Topic: God The Only Power

Moderator: Chardelle from PA

Bible Readings: I Chronicles 29: 11-13; Exodus 15: 1, 9-13; Luke 9: 28-42; Psalm 24:1-5


  1. What are the words that describe God’s power? (I Chronicles 29: 11-13)
  2. What did the children of Israel witness of God’s power? (Exodus 15: 1, 9-13)
  3. What is being revealed when Jesus took Peter, John, and James with him up to the Mountain? (Luke 9: 28-42)
  4. Who receives the power of the Lord? (Psalm 24:1-5)

June 2018 Bible Study sessions:

Date Moderator
06/16/2018 Chardelle from PA
06/23/2018 Jeremy from NJ

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