Bible Study Questions for June 23rd, 2018

Saturday at 10:00am EDT

“This cannot be said too often — it is that which the Bible has said all through the centuries, ‘…love is the fulfilling of the law.’ (Romans 11: 10) When love is demonstrated, or in the measure that it is, there is no sensitiveness. We cannot be hurt, neither can we hurt anyone else. It does not do any good to be severe, especially where we are convinced that the other party is just as honest in his convictions as we are in ours. Our work is to educate, and the Bible states that in order to do that we must bear one another’s burdens. It takes long years of patient perseverance to bring about a desirable change in some instances, and generally speaking the change must occur first in ourselves.”

from Miscellaneous Articles by Bicknell Young, page 6

Topic: “Lord, I believe; help thou mine unbelief”

Moderator: Jeremy from NJ

Bible Readings: Mark 9: 14-27


  1. At what point in Christ Jesus’ ministry did these events take place?
  2. Who were the scribes, and why did they feel it was their right to question the disciples?
  3. What is the significance of the man asking, “help thou mine unbelief” ? (Mark 9: 24)
  4. What lessons can be learned from how Christ Jesus dealt with this man and his son?

June 2018 Bible Study sessions:

Date Moderator
06/23/2018 Jeremy from NJ

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