Bible Study Questions for March 17th, 2018

Saturday at 10:00am EDT


“God is no longer a mystery to the Christian Scientist, but a divine Principle, understood in part, because the grand realities of Life and Truth are found destroying sin, sickness, and death; and it should no longer be deemed treason to understand God, when the Scriptures enjoin us to ‘acquaint now thyself with Him [God], and be at peace;’ we should understand something of that great good for which we are to leave all else. …

“Chisel in hand stood a sculptor-boy,
     With his marble block before him;
And his face lit up with a smile of joy
     As an angel dream passed o’er him.
He carved the dream on that shapeless stone
     With many a sharp incision.
With heaven’s own light the sculptor shone, —
     He had caught the angel-vision.

“Sculptors of life are we as we stand
     With our lives uncarved before us,
Waiting the hour when at God’s command
     Our life dream passes o’er us.
If we carve it then on the yielding stone
     With many a sharp incision,
Its heavenly beauty shall be our own, —
     Our lives that angel-vision.”

From The People’s Idea of God by Mary Baker Eddy, page 6: 19-27; and page 7: 8-23


Topic: God’s Messenger

Moderator: Colleen from MA

Bible Readings: Malachi 1: 6-14; Malachi 2: 4-17; Deuteronomy 10: 1-9; Deuteronomy 31: 9-13


  1. Who is Malachi?
  2. What does “The burden of the word of the Lord to Israel by Malachi” mean? What is this message and what is the concern? (Malachi 1:1)
  3. What is the Covenant of Levi and how has it been corrupted? (Deuteronomy 10: 1-8; Deuteronomy 31:9-13; Malachi 2:8)
  4. How does Malachi bridge the Old Testament and the New Testament together?
  5. What does Malachi mean in the passage 3: 3, “And he shall sit as a refiner and a purifier of silver; and he shall purify the sons of Levi,”?
  6. What healing and uplifting message does Malachi leave us with in 4: 2, “But unto you that fear my name shall the Son of righteousness arise with healing in his wings;”?

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    March 2018 Bible Study sessions:

    Date Moderator
    03/17/2018 Colleen from MA
    03/24/2018 Shahidat from MD
    03/31/2018 .


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