“Love” from Strong’s KJV Bible Concordance

Listed in the order it appears in the books of the Bible. After each place, a number is given which refers to the word it came from in Hebrew / Chaldee in the Old Testament or Greek in the New Testament.

For this posting, the phonetic spelling (of the Hebrew/Chaldee or Greek) is used, as many original letters don’t appear on our computer keyboards.

Old Testament


157 aw-hab * to have affection for
160 a-hab-aw *feminine of 158 (see under ‘Loving’), same meaning
1730 dowd *to boil-to love, a love token/lover, father’s brother. (1733 * father’s sister)
2836 khaw-shak * to cling, to love, to delight
5690 eh-gheb (from 5689) * much love
5691 ag-aw-baw (from 5689) * amorousness, inordinate love
7355 raw-kham * to fondle, by implication to love, especially to have compassion
7474 rah-yaw * shepherd-female associate, love


2245 khaw-bab * to hide as in bosom, to cherish with affection


5689 aw-gab * to breath after sensually
7453 raw-kale (Rachel, Jacob’s wife) * to journey-ewe (ewe’s made up the majority of the flock), as a good traveler


159 o’had * affection in a good or bad sense (same as Loving 158)
3039 yed-eed * loved: amiable, well beloved


158 ah-hab * affection in a good or bad sense
2896 towb * good in the widest sense


2617 kheh-sed (from 2616 * to bow neck only in courtesy to an equal) * kindness toward God, piety, kindness, rarely reproof, merciful
(2617 appears 30 times in the O.T. Once in Hosea, four times in Jeremiah, and the rest in Psalms)

New Testament


25 ag-ap-ah-o (compares to 5368) * to love in a moral sense (the following appears under 5368: 25 is wider embracing especially the judgement and the deliberate assent of the will as a matter of principle, duty, and propriety)
26 ag-ah-pay (‘charity’ is also 26) (from 25) * love, affection, benevolence, dear love. Webster 1828 * gaping with wonder, expectation. * Other sources define this “as God loves man”
2309 the-lo, e-the-lo, * delight in, desire, love
5360 fil-ad-el-fee-o (Philadelphia) * fraternal affection, brotherly love, love of the brethren
5361 fil-ad-el-fos * fond of brethren, love as brethen
5362 fil-an-dros * love their husband
5363 fil-an-thro-pee-ah * fondness of mankind
5365 fil-ar-goo-ree-ah * love of money
5368 fil-e-o * to be a friend, fond of, affection for (25 is wider embracing especially the judgement and the deliberate assent of the will as a matter of principle, duty, and propriety)
5388 fil-ot-ek-nos * fond of one’s children, i.e. maternal love


5383 fil-op-rote-yoo-o * be fond of being first, ambitious of distinction, pre-eminence


4375 pros-fe-lace * friendly towards-acceptable, lovely


5367 fil-lam-tos * fond of self, lover of self
5369 fil-ay-don-os * fond of pleasure, lover of pleasure
5377 fil-oth-ek-os * lover of God, pious

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